Couples Costumes: Iconic Duos for eye-catching fancy dress

Posted 01.04.2017


At Angels we believe that fancy dress just isn’t the same on your own, it’s always better to embrace your silly side with a friend. So we’ve come up with a list of our favourite  eye-catching couples’ costumes, from the beautiful, to the scary, to the ever so slightly mad. These heroes, villains and timeless characters are all classic choices for any party and are available to be hired or purchased directly from Angels Fancy Dress. Click here to view more information about hire costumes.

Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter & Queen of Hearts

The only pair from Alice in Wonderland who are are both as balmy as each other, these couples costumes are definitely a interesting pick. Think of the madness that will unveil with these two about!

Star Wars: Rey & Kylo Ren

Another enemy couple, these two have had possibly one of the most epic battle scenes throughout all of the Star Wars franchise. Plus, with their connection still a mystery yet to be solved, they’re possibly the most intriguing of all pairings throughout.

Star Wars: Darth Vader & Storm Trooper

What would Darth Vader be without his Stormtroopers? The answer is that he’d still be pretty terrifying, but he’d be missing his army of poorly shooting, head bumping, ever faithful (except for a certain someone later in the franchise) soldiers. Plus, with both a male and female’s choice of costume, you can look fetching whilst trying to destroy everyone else in the galaxy.

Pride and Prejudice: Mark Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet

This classic romantic couple might be one of the most popular fictional pairings in history, and even better the Regency costumes worn by Mark Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are all available for hire.

 Batman: Batman & Catwoman

He saw the good in all of her badness! Batman and Catwoman are one of the most iconic superhero couples in history, and in these costumes, you and your other half could stalk the streets of Gotham together! Save lives, save civilians, and…rob banks…? You name it!

Batman: Batman & Robin

Holy Rat Trap! What’s a Batman without his Robin? Together you can save the world and any party with these duo outfits. Batman and Robin are one of the worlds most iconic duos, loved by many – even spoofed by DelBoy and Rodney. These two will forever be the greatest couple!

Pirate & Wench

Sail the seven seas together in a search for treasure in yer big ship! Every pirate needs his wench, even Blackbeard. Never walk the plank alone with these couples costumes, Arrg!

Lady Sparta & Centurion

A classic historical couples costume that celebrates an era and the fashion and culture within it! This pairing is particularly beautiful! Featuring a long flowing dress with gold accents and rich reds with brown leathers. All seen pictured below is available to hire.

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